Our Clients

With the diverse client base of AWASCO, we are able to apply the lessons learned with one client to all clients... whether the contact be daily or infrequently .

What they share in common is the opportunity to pick up the phone and reach someone who will help them with their question or problem.

Our business partner, Web Services West, provides graphic and web design services. We collaborate closely on projects and provide comprehensive services to our clients.

A few of our past and current technology and AWASCO projects:

  • Weyerhaeuser
    Designed system to track, catalog and manage imported material from international shipping to warehouse distribution.
  • FEMA
    Contracted as consultant and trainer for national funding systems
  • Washington State Military Department
    Uses AWASCO's facility management system (FORIMS)
  • General Electric
    Hired as Senior Software Engineer and Manager
  • Ken Hoffman Realty
    Designed website integrating RMLS system into display and selection features. Property information maintained entirely by client.
  • University of Minnesota Medical Center
    Contracted as manager and programmer for microbiology database system
  • North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce
    Designed award winning website (first place from over 450 entries, Western Association of Chamber Executives)
  • Computer Business
    Owned and operated a small computer business with a German partner in Waldshut, Germany with international clientele

Some of our additional clients are listed on Web Services West